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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Road Work and New Equipment at Chatter Creek

The Chatter Creek Road has always been a hinderence to development at Chatter Creek. With its mud, poor drainage and many bogs, the last 17 km of road, from Bush Arm to the lodge, is impassable to all but a few vehicles for most of the spring, early summer and the fall. The Chatter Creek partners have long hoped to improve the road to make it easier to deliver supplies to the lodge. It's unlikely that guests will ever travel to the lodge by road. However, among other things, it is hoped that one day soon, fuel trucks will be able to visit the lodge and the fuel dump might be moved closer to the base of operations, removing the need to skid fuel up the road all winter by snowcat. To this end, a dump truck and a road grader were purchased this summer and some gravel and rock fill was hauled up the road from Kinbasket Lake. It was a small start on a big job but every bit will help.    The grader has also been used to better level some of the ground surrounding the lodges.


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