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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Filling an Expanded Woodshed

Firewood delivery at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing The second outdoor furnace and an expanded woodshed takes lots of firewood. Here's the new dump truck delivering another load. The used truck is a new acquisition obtained to assist some summer road work.

The new wood furnace replaces the propane booster used last winter to help heat Solitude Lodge in its first year of operation. The hydraulic log splitter is an indispensible tool at Chatte Creek As the new lodge dries out, it will take a little less energy to heat. This and the added furnace capacity will have the hot tubs "steaming" this winter!

The hydraulic splitter is a necessary tool when laying in as much wood as the two lodges require. Danny keeps it going, as he does all the other equipment at Chatter Creek. Firewood is always an Autumn task. Hence, the traces of ice and snow. It's getting cold at Chatter Creek! Here's another look at the log splitter with ex-bartender, Tim and part time chef Christoph taking a break. Christoph plans to do some guiding this winter at Chatter Creek. He's hard at work upgrading his training. Tim is headed back home to Australia.

In the photo below, Dan and Tim share a laugh while working on the roof of the new woodshed. It looks like the new shed sits just behind the original. It is a separate structure with a roof that overhangs the roof of the first shed, just as the roof of Solitude Lodge overhanges Vertebrae Lodge. Constructing the roof for the new woodshed The two lodges can be seen in the background.

The ourdoor furnaces remove all fire from the lodges, except for the kitchen ranges. They also remove the need for any chimneys to pierce the roof membrane. Ice or snow damage or leakage on the main roof would be a major problem. The woodshed roof is low, easily accessed and some leakage is never a problem.

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